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Challenger Nitrile Gloves

Challenger nitrile gloves is a new alternative to buy, these gloves are all about quality and performance. This line of kit includes 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can relax and know that you are making a decision that will be happy, valuable and money.

Challenger Black Nitrile Gloves

This is a box of 100 black nitrile gloves, they come with a built in glove hand warmer and a ton of reviews say them comfortable and keep your hands warm. They are good value too - for 100 $ you can have them for a year, the gloves come in a small bag and as soon as they are opened, you will see that there are 100 of them. They are black nitrile gloves and they are very comfortable, the gloves will help keep your hands and arms warm and dry. These gloves come in a box of 100 gloves, they are white and have a black nitrile fabric on them. They are very thin and lightweight, they are challenge to keep on the go because they are so thin and lightweight. These Challenger nitrile gloves are valuable surrogate to protect yourself from the elements, they are made from high quality paper-based gloves and are made to suit well on each arm. They have a small hole in the top for a hand towel to touch, and a loop at the front for storing them, these gloves also come with a protection plan that includes: monthly glove cleaning, free shipping and series nitrile gloves.